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Applying to WVSU

ACT Scores for Admission to Four-Year West Virginia Colleges

In order to complete your application for undergraduate admission, you will need to submit the following information:. You may contact the Office of Admissions if you need financial assistance in paying the application fee.

Official transcripts should be sent directly from your school high school, college, or university or official GED results. Standardized Test Scores — In support of your application, you should submit official results of any standardized tests completed within the past five years.

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Additional testing may be required for some programs, most notably Health Science and Education, and for students who are residents of non-English speaking countries. Acceptance — Once your application and supplemental records are received, if we believe you have met the criteria for acceptance, you will receive an acceptance letter hooray! Enrollment Form and Deposit — You must pay your enrollment deposit in order to register for classes, apply for housing, etc. Housing Application — For students who want to secure a reservation in one of our residence halls, please complete our housing application and send your immunization records to the admissions office.

Registration — Students will be notified by their admission counselors and faculty advisors for the process and timing of course registration.

West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine Secondary Essay Prompts

Get step-by-step application instructions and admission You attend a WVU divisional campus (i.e., Potomac State College or WVU Tech). To apply to West Virginia University as a first-time freshman, please complete the following steps: Review the application deadlines, admissions requirements and frequently asked questions. Application Deadlines for First-Time Freshmen.

Click here for a complete list of high school course requirements. Students using final grades to meet their eligibility are responsible for having their school send a grade report form and official transcript to our office, for consideration. Applicants may qualify with sixth or seventh semester grades but must maintain the grade point average requirement through the eighth semester or the scholarship will be revoked.

If a student does not have a qualifying sixth or seventh semester grade point average, they must apply and have a completed FAFSA submitted by the March 1 deadline to be considered.

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Grade point average calculations must be determined by a high school counselor or school official. Students can take unlimited amount dual credit coursework prior to college enrollment and still be eligible for award. All college credits including dual credit coursework will be counted in the cumulative GPA calculation in determining PROMISE Scholarship renewal eligibility, regardless of whether the college accepts these credits.

Credit hours earned prior to the first fall semester of enrollment may not be counted toward the credit hour requirement in determining eligibility for award renewal. Must complete the minimum core class requirements for the complete core class listing.

List of Core Course Requirements. Scores must be from a single testing date and cannot be combined from multiple test administrations.

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Students must submit an application and FAFSA by deadline, even if they have not met the required testing scores by the March 1 deadline. Effective with the Class of , homeschooled applicants must achieve a cumulative grade point average of at least a 3.

WVU SAT Scores

Must complete the minimum core class requirements. Home school applicants must provide documentation of home-schooled status from your county school board office. Documentation must show that you were homeschooled during the 11th and 12th grades.

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Eligible commuters must submit a grade report form and transcript to qualify.