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The Levels of Deception in Twelfth Night Essay

Viola is deceiving Olivia by disguising as a man, making Olivia fall in love with a man, who is in fact a woman.

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Johannesburg: Johannesburg Times. Gerald a case study in paranoid schizophrenia. It becomes clear too that Shakespeare was beyond his time in regards to gender struggles. The third disguise is Sir Toby. This material doesn't solve your task? She tells Orsino that men might be more vocal in their declarations of love, but women are just as affected by love as men are. Yet, paradoxically along the way there are many problems, deceptions and illusions, providing a comment on human behavior and creating comedy.

By doing this, Shakespeare is creating multiple confusion, because in Elizabethan theatre, a man would play the role of a woman and the woman Viola disguised herself as a man. Can bide the beating of so strong a passion?

Twelfth Night Analysis

Free Essay: Theme of Disguise in Twelfth Night The notion of disguise is very important theme within Twelfth Night. From my point of view I feel that the. The Function of Disguise in Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare William Shakespeare's play, Twelfth Night is based around disguise and deception, both mental and physical. The tale begins in Illyria with the Duke Orsino, who is suffering due to his unrequited love for the Lady.

As love doth give my heart? To whose ingrate and unauspicious altars?

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It is this that makes believable the sudden switch from Olivia to Viola. When Viola changes from Cesario to Viola, he can still love her, as he fell in love with Viola when she was cesario because of her personality instead of appearance as he does with Olivia making his love for her less fake and makes him a better person.

For both Orsino and Olivia self-deception serves as an avoidance of the real world and of real emotions. As soon as they acknowledge reality, they cease to delude themselves.

Love And Disguise In The Twelfth Night Essay

Some other characters, however, never do emerge from their self-deception. In the sub-plot, the biggest example of a self-deceiver is of course Malvolio. Sir Toby is disguising himself as a jolly, lively man to be friends with, when behind Sir Andrews back, he is nasty sniggering with Fabian , ruthless not caring about Sir Andrews life when it comes to the duel between Cesario and selfish only being with Sir Andrew for his money and wanting his niece Olivia to marry him.

When Shakespeare put him in the play, he intended Sir Toby to be the funny, but also arrogant and nasty character who helps devise the plan.

Twelfth Night Essay | The Role of the Fool: Feste's Significance

He has such a double character that shows at different times of the play. It shows he has a dark monotone to his personality. This means that Feste is deceiving the other characters by disguising himself as a fool, and hiding the other part of his personality from them. This is the only obvious deceive and Deception that Feste carries out through the play. Sebastian and Olivia both deceive themselves when they get married. How runs the stream? Or I am mad, or else this is a dream:? Let fancy still my sense in Lethe steep;? If it be thus to dream, still let me sleep!

Also, He would be too confused to love her, as it is not normal that a stranger cam up to him, acting as if she knew him, and asking him to marry her! He is really in it for the riches and to have success he must portray friendship. This helps in the development of the plot because it helps to show how people once again do not show their true colours.

The forth disguise is Olivia. Like Viola her disguise is one of a literal disguise. However this disguise is broken when she reveals herself to Cesario.

The Purpose of Disguise in Twelfth Night Essay - Words | Bartleby

This helps in the development of the play because she rejects one lover for another and does not remember her reason for rejecting the first when confessing love to the other. The fifth disguise is Malvolio. He is of the lower class and believes that he can climb the social ladder because of his ambitions.

Twelfth Night Analysis

He receives a forged letter from Olivia and thinks that she really loves him. His disguise is that he thinks that he has indeed climb the social ladder because of the letter. He even goes to the extent where he dresses up weirdly with long yellow stocking to impress her but he actually looks like a clown.

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