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Further research revealed that as early as President Roosevelt instituted a long-standing joint FBI-military program to conduct domestic intelligence with broad investigative scope. Where is the Constitution when we need it? Or was it ever really there for us? One of the most revealing chapters in our history is the incredible sympathy the US possessed for authoritarian Nazi Germany. Our affinity for fascism has been established.

Ecopsychologist Chellis Glendinning suggests that modern humans suffer from deep insecurity that emerged from collective traumas hundreds of generations ago. A serious disconnect from intimacy with the earth occurred when our ancient ancestors began controlling nature through agriculture and animal domestication. Evolutionary philosopher Gregory Bateson concludes that addictive behavior is consistent with the Western approach to life that pits mind against body, while behaving as if the natural world is a commodity.

We seek various distractions to numb our pain from this feeling of aloofness. Technology, not Nature, has become our God. How could that be? Yes, I have been conditioned by an incredibly comfortable fairy tale, a massive cultural system denying or distorting historic realities, founded on shameful genocides.

I had been betrayed. US America loves its myth of being committed to justice for all, but in fact it is a society ruled and funded by a wealthy elite. This is not a government of, by and for the people! It is a ruthless oligarchy sanctioned by a majority of the people believing their vote counts.

Money has always mattered, severely rigging the game in many ways toward an upper class obscenely bribing candidates, corporate personhood power, gerrymandering, proprietary election software, hacking capacity to effect results, Jim Crow laws, voter suppression, etc. But the bottom line is that s elected representatives obey their large donors who thrive on war-making against vulnerable others.

Nonetheless, these facts do not preclude existence of individual conscientious politicians.

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America's veterans choose their path knowing the difficulties it will hold, knowing the sacrifices they will be required to make, fully aware that they may never. I am one of the few who understand the impact that these Veterans have had on my life in addition to that of every single American citizen. Veteran's Day.

However, the political economic system itself is fixed, it is not broken, a dilemma every honest politician must face. This delicious Kool Aid has in fact concealed a delusional madness, a Kafkaesque, Orwellian nightmare. Our political leaders have consistently and collectively acted outside the Constitution, while selectively applying laws that preserve the cabal in power.

It has always been this way, though the social revolution of the s threatened to overturn the oligopoly. In the end, we are in fact a nation of men, not laws. And I am suggesting that it has created a society comprised of millions of functionally stupid people. This is different from intelligence. This is not idiocy. This is serious non -thinking of intellectually capable people who, in effect, have suspended their autonomous critical thinking, basking in an intoxicated spell of our sense of national invincibility.

It has enhanced the Friedman era of neoliberal privatization, worshipping greed, while millions are without health care and homeless. This is mass psychopathy, a dangerous cultural mental illness.

African Americans and World War I

He argued that it is very separate from intellectual capacity but occurs when a cult-like belief system dangerously suspends critical thinking, bringing collective relief to an emotionally anxious population. It is a form of voluntary servitude more dangerous than malice, an entrenched belief system that makes genuine dialogue and education almost impossible. Bonhoeffer was hung in April As US Americans we possess no visceral memory of the two unspeakable genocides our ancestors shamefully committed, forcefully dispossessing Indigenous Africans of their labor, and genuine Americans of their land, murdering millions with impunity.

Even though we are superficially taught about slavery and conquering the Indigenous, their egregious suffering has been outsourced outside our feeling fields for 25 generations. Now nearly overt, and thousands of covert interventions later, US Americans still know little or nothing about our unspeakable imperialism.


Why not? Does any of this criminal insanity even happen? Has it ever? Does it matter to most people? I believe there is a deep shame that burdens us. It is understandable to avoid looking at shame, but the cost is perpetual war for perpetual peace until we are all dead. The era of privilege is over, as we enter the terrifying era of consequences, bringing fear, insecurity and anxiety to many heretofore privileged folks.

Denial becomes a lethal seduction. Our amnesia has precluded emotional intelligence, a depth of character, so necessary for mature development, with little understanding of historical context. We are effectively emotionally retarded, blocking the universal embedded human feeling of empathy, and the collective solidarity that emerges therefrom. The corporate media, and corporate-owned social media platforms, serve as stenographers for our oligarchic policies and values.

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They create an agenda-driven narrative that inoculates our minds with constant group think untruths of neo-liberal capitalism. We now live in a post-truth world, where narcissistic life is experienced as virtual, not real. How much do we care?

Answering these questions can tell us a lot about our own survival, including yours and mine. Serious discussion and debate of a broad range and depth of ideas is virtually nonexistent. In reality, we promote individualism over community, competition over cooperation, and acquisitiveness over inquisitiveness. These capitalist characteristics condition human development in a way that is diametrically opposed to our inherent, genetic nature as a social species requiring for survival cooperation in all our relations.

Community and family units have disintegrated, and citizenship is less engaged as life is increasingly defined in terms of commodities. Everything and everybody is for sale to the highest bidder. This leads to anomie, violence and madness.

Everything Had Changed, and Nothing Was Different

American revolution of emerging from farmers and small communities in MA that did not seek nor want a strong central authority structure. In , There was little consideration for the men who survived the war and what their long-term needs would be. Fukushima Daiichi cleanup workers are incredibly brave. This also tells us the system has no interest in being accountable to its own Constitution, or international law.

And yet, we continue to enjoy shopping as the government conducts its daily bombing. How can this be? How can we pay taxes and go about our business as usual when so many people in the world are being impoverished or eliminated by US policies facilitating the wealthy getting richer? I was raised in a lower middle class home by conservative, religious parents, not dissimilar to the upbringings of many of my classmates. Life seemed great, and simple. However, my Viet Nam experience rudely exposed the poisonous nature of this delicious drink and its true ingredients.

Discovering information about my former classmates finds several still living in the same area we grew up, possessing similar views to that which we believed in — religiously and politically conservative, but now supporters of MAGA, Trump and Israel. But experiential reality painfully destroys make-believe.

I argue that the USA has never been great, but suspect many of my classmates would vehemently disagree. Some say Trump brings out the worst in people — hatred, self-centeredness, cruelty, insensitivity, crassness, racism, insulting language, poisonous divisiveness, adolescent delinquency, etc.

But is it possible that his language and demeanor are validating expressions of historically suppressed feelings and values which have never been sufficiently addressed or openly acknowledged in our Eurocentric, capitalist, money-oriented, nature-defying, often mean-spirited culture? These censored feelings once unleashed, no matter how adolescent they seem, are capable of manifesting in a vicious authoritarian and neo-fascist state, as they did in Germany nearly years ago.

It seems we are at that point again. Inevitably, the chickens will come home to roost. Ever thought about the structural unfairness and gross arrogance that has enabled years of colonization? Our historical chronic complicity in this horror story cannot be ignored. Trump serves as an avatar, or caricature, of a collective, creepy, violent, disgusting, mean-spirited, immature culture, at least as experienced by large numbers of people both in the US and the world.

His extreme personal narcissism matches well our extreme collective exceptionalism. Is it clearer now just how big the LIE has been, protected by our comfortable year myths? Welcome to dystopia, Kafka, and Orwell. The opposite basis for knowledge is holism, a framework that enables comprehension of multiple interconnections and historical context. Dispensing with any serious concern for consequences, the insatiably consumer-driven materialistic Western Way of Life has ironically and blissfully been destroying life itself by its addiction to burning finite fossil fuels.

We have become accustomed to wishful thinking that resources are infinite, and that they belong to us. This theft can only happen, of course, by force or its threat, and deceit, while living in the toxic illusion we are better than others.

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Does this suggest a kind of arrogant collective stupidity? Clarissa proves that if you follow your head, then in the end things can work out on their own, and there can be a proper love for you and your partner.