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Regulation of Lawyers’ Use of Competitive Keyword Advertising
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The content is sometimes directly created by brands and marketers themselves; however, writers and editors working in news departments are sometimes involved in crafting it. Proponents of native advertising hail it as a win-win-win situation for advertisers, publishers and consumers. For advertisers, native advertising is attractive because it allows them to take advantage of the credibility and authority of journalistic outlets.

By making ads appear to be editorial content, advertisers are able to catch consumers off guard. Highly respected outlets such as the New York Times and Wired have run native advertising campaigns for the streaming service Netflix, which were deemed successful by some observers. There have been scandals, however, such as The Atlantic publishing native advertising by the Church of Scientology which the publisher later apologized for and retracted.

Ethics in Advertising

The widespread adoption of native advertising seems all but certain at this point. American Press Institute report, November Innovative leaders run at what is growing, and sponsored content is certainly a growing and promising new revenue stream. This is not simple, however.

Publishers also have to invest money in hiring new staff, or vendors that specialize in sponsored content production. Joseph, International Journal of Communication , July One is the targeting of consumers for advertising by marketers and the new data — capture industry that supports them.

We describe these developments and consider their consequences for democratic life, drawing on classical and recent democratic theory…. Unless challenged, these developments risk eliminating the connective media necessary for an effective democracy. Journal of Marketing Communications , January In addition, the role of several persuasion knowledge elements such as understanding of persuasive intent and ad skepticism in processing online advertising formats is investigated.

Results show that participants find the sponsored content more informative, more amusing, and less irritating than the banner ad. With respect to persuasion knowledge, recognition of the advertising format, understanding of persuasive intent, and ad skepticism are higher for banner ads than for sponsored content.

Furthermore, ad skepticism seems to be strongly related to perceived advertising value.

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These new findings show that persuasion knowledge plays a role in the appreciation of subtle and prominent online advertising formats. Journalism, August However, the emergent practice of online native advertising complicates this division, resulting in conflicting visions of how journalistic authority should be established for digital news.


This study examines reactions to a controversial Church of Scientology native advertisement on The Atlantic web site to assess how competing processes of norm-making and boundary work shape normative understandings of online journalism. Emergent understandings of content comprising both editorial and advertising components require new models for critical inquiry sufficiently sensitive to the online news environment. Participants in an experimental study viewed a custom magazine with either a commercial branded or editorial nonbranded frame and read a story quoting either a peer or a corporate source.

Readers rated the nonbranded magazine higher in credibility, but source cues had no direct effects on credibility ratings. Source did matter when combined with consumer product involvement. Highly involved consumers had stronger brand attitudes and purchase intent after reading advice from a peer source; low-involved consumers responded more favorably to a corporate source.

Psychology and Marketing , March Rent Article. Your Access Options. Forgotten your password? Article available in:. Vol 32, Issue 3, Marketing Ethics: Onward toward Greater Expectations. Cookies Notification This site uses cookies. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies.

Native advertising and sponsored content: Research on audience, ethics, effectiveness

Find out more. Tips on citation download. Brinkmann, J Looking at consumer behavior in a moral perspective.

Ethical Advertising in the Intelligent Era

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The Multilevel Framework

As pointed out by Chen , p. Journal of Advertising Volume 38, - Issue 1. In what remains the only study to date to propose a multi-faceted typology on what constitutes ad ethics, Hyman et al. There must also be full disclosure regarding the authenticity of comments on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms. In the past quarter century, however, they have taken on new dimensions and have become serious social problems.

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View Advertising Ethics Research Papers on for free. PDF | Research on advertising ethics, as revealed by a search of the ABI/Inform database, shows This paper considers the future of interactive advertising (IA).

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