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Hullo Liz, Firstly I would like to thank you to help all of us selflessly…thanx to u. Today I gave my ielts in essay it was a discussion essay wherein I wrote my opinion in introduction as u say then main body paras Discussing both the sides but then I gave the conclusion n did not elaborate on my opinion… Will I lose marks? Plz tell…really worried. You said you gave your opinion in the introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion.

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Everybody told me that examples are not cardinal for essay but in some great ielts experts point of view like you mam and jay sir shows examples are vital. Through this students get more brand. Mam help me to solve my query.

How IELTS Essays are Different to University Essays

When writing a discussion essay, it is important to ensure that facts and opinions are General statements, To introduce the reader to the subject of the essay. A hook is the way you get a reader interested in your essay. For a discussion essay, you could use a quotation.

Examples are one way to support and illustrate a main point — you choose whether to illustrate that way or not. I suggest you review my model essays. Hi Liz, From my observation of the given example, I understood that , in the conclusion especially for discussion essays, we have to give a brief of our view on the topic and we should not include anything from the other paragraphs.


You start with general statements about the topic to gain the readers attention and let them know what the overall theme of the essay will be. You might write a sentence like, "Increasing diversity in our country doesn't just bring in new cuisines and art, it also brings in hard workers that have fresh perspectives on old problems in the workforce. Custom essays writing is an important part of the educational process. Get a fast reply right today! These introductions are very concise. Default essay introduction example: Paper question: How are modern technologies used in your class? The closing sentence should intrigue your reader.

Is my understanding correct? In the other words, tertiary education help the students to understand the various concept which is related to their career which they have chosen by them. Such phrases damage your score. This is not creative writing. In a test, each sentence must be created by you in the test room. Or get my paid Advanced Lessons to learn more. Hi Liz, Thank you so very much for your helpful blogs. I have one doubt, I am aiming to score 7.

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Is it fine if I write approx words of essay? Definitely related to demand of question. I always try to write around words but I feel that there is still something missing which I should add on to make it more accurate. Kindly suggest.

Discuss Both Views Essays with Band 9 Sample - IELTS Writing Task 2 Academic Test Webinar

More words open you to the possibility of more errors or a less focused essay. It is considered by some people that finishing university education is the most effective way to get a decent job, however, have experience and developing soft skills are the keys for finding good jobs still thought by many people. Attending the university courses can let people gain knowledge effectively, most universities offer high-quality courses both online and offline, students can achieve professional theory knowledge from different aspects through interaction with their professors, once they have questions they can get feedback and answers quickly.

On the other hand, universities offer many practical classes which allow students gain experience, students also have plenty opportunities to discuss in their groups and cooperate with other students from other majors which also cultivate their social skills. Both knowledge and practical skills, as well as social skills, are very essential for finding a good job. A report says that persons who have strong communication skills are much more welcomed in a work environment.

In conclusion, although both experience and developing soft skills are vital factors for finding jobs, I still believe that attending the universities is the best way for people who prepare their careers because people can gain experience and social skills in the campus as well.

Never memorise a sentence to put in your essay. Each sentence should be entirely created by yourself in the test. Use my model essays to guide you or get my Advanced lessons to learn in depth. I just watched your advanced task 2 lesson and have couple questions on it. For the discussion essay, the balanced opinion seems more profound than one-sided opinion. Will I get lower band score if I choose to write one-sided opinion?

Or will I get higher band if I choose to write balanced opinion.

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And can I choose one-sided opinion in any topics? I taught both options so that you would have a choice. The choice will depend on the question and the ideas you have for it. Your score is not based on your choice of one-sided or specific view point.

How to Write an Essay Introduction

It is based on how relevant your ideas are and if you addressed the task with a clear opinion. Here is the question prompt I am practicing: Some people say that advertising encourages us to buy things that we rarely do not need. Others say that advertisements tell us about new products that may improve our lives. Which viewpoint do you agree with? Here is the introductory paragraph I have written with my opinion: Aggressive product promotions are considered to be one of the efficient ways of attracting new customers. While some people believe that advertisements allures the buyers and instigates them to purchase the unnecessary items, the others consider it to be an effective method of promoting awareness about the latest trends — I second this thought.

Please guide, is it write way of supporting an argument in a formal way? If not, please suggest how can I improve. Paraphrase the statement given and then present your opinion. Two separate statements. Try writing that and post it. Therefore I bought your advanced writing lessons to spot some of my possible mistakes. Firstly, for example, the discussion essay about the death penalty on your website. This question only mentions that I have to discuss both side. Moreover, I think I should not give my opinion, however, a one-sided view seems to reflect my personal point of view.

How would you organise your essay? In my Advanced lesson for the Discussion Essay there is a model essay for a Discussion without an opinion. Please take a look at it.

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Any question that is asking you to choose options will require an opinion — there are many ways to voice an opinion. I have to say that the sample answers for task 1 are very good but the ones for task 2 are so confusing. For instance, a discussion essay was turned into advantage disadvantage one..

Another issue that confuses me; can we use questions in the essay?

In one example of adv. Outweigh Disadv.

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The opinion is also put in the conclusion only… Thanks in advance. That is the task of teachers and ex-examiners. About your second query, you should present supporting points which are statements, not questions. Just stick with statements. Do not memorise sentences or phrases. You can learn words and linking devices. All sentences and phrases should be created by yourself. See my model essays. Grammar is marked by using a range of tenses that are suitable and appropriate to the essay and the subject.

All tenses must be used correctly.