Effects on child abuse essays

Effects of Child Abuse Essay

A common form of abuse affecting the health of babies is shaken baby syndrome.

Children, Violence, and Trauma—Treatments That Work

Health problems resulting from shaken baby syndrome may include brain damage, spinal cord injuries, hearing loss, speech difficulties and even death Child Welfare Information Gateway, Research has consistently linked teenage pregnancy with experiences of sexual abuse Hillis et al. Meta-analyses of 21 studies of child sexual abuse reported that this form of abuse more than doubled the risk of adolescent pregnancy i.

Further to this, a study by Fergusson and colleagues found that young women 18 years of age exposed to child sexual abuse had significantly higher rates of teenage pregnancy, increased rates of sexually transmitted diseases, and higher rates of multiple sexual partnerships and appeared to be more vulnerable to further sexual assault and rape. Young people who are removed from the care of their parents because of abuse or neglect may also face homelessness and unemployment soon after leaving out-of-home care e.

A lack of social support networks and poor academic achievement often contribute to the difficulties young people face in finding adequate housing and employment after care. The most tragic and extreme consequence of child abuse and neglect is abuse that results in death. This is considered an underestimation as a large number of deaths caused by abuse and neglect go unreported due to being misattributed to other causes such as falls or insufficient investigations and a failure to run post-mortem examinations Gilbert et al.

In Australia, all deaths are registered at a state level by the Registrar for Births, Deaths and Marriages. Statistics are compiled and reported by the ABS, and include assault.

Child Abuse & Neglect

In this essay paper on child abuse effects and causes, I will examine types of child abuse and examples and consequences of child abuse. Free Essay: Every year more than 3 million reports of child abuse are made in the United States involving more than 6 million children(Child Abuse Statistics.

For further information on child deaths from maltreatment by state in Australia, see Child Deaths from Abuse and Neglect. Research investigating the effects of child abuse and neglect is extensive. Additionally, many research studies are unable to control for other environmental and social factors, which makes it difficult to rule out influences such as socio-economic disadvantage, disability and social isolation when associating maltreatment with negative consequences for children and young people. Other research limitations include problems with definitions for example, type or severity of abuse , recruiting a representative sample, and obtaining accurate recollections of past events by participants Gilbert et al.

In spite of the various limitations, research in the area consistently identifies strong links between child abuse and neglect and adverse consequences for children and adolescents. Child abuse and neglect may lead to a wide range of adverse consequences for children and adolescents. Research suggests that specific types of abuse are more closely related to some adverse outcomes than others, for example, the links between physical abuse and violent or aggressive behaviour.

1. Child Abuse Essay

However, experiencing chronic and multiple forms of abuse increase the risk of more damaging and severe consequences for children and young people. Copyright information.

The issue of children and young people demonstrating problematic sexual behaviours — or acting abusively to other young people who may be younger,. We compiled recent resources and short articles that explore the intersection between the child protection and youth justice systems in Australia. This paper presents a review of available literature on problem sexual behaviours and sexually abusive behaviours exhibited in young people.

The Effect Of Child Abuse Essay

CFCA offers a free research and information helpdesk for child, family and community welfare practitioners, service providers, researchers and policy makers through the CFCA News. Google Tag Manager.

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Effects of child abuse and neglect for children and adolescents Effects of child abuse and neglect for children and adolescents CFCA Resource Sheet— January If you believe a child is in immediate danger call Police on Types of abuse and neglect Child abuse and neglect refers to any behaviour by parents, caregivers, other adults or older adolescents that is outside the norms of conduct and entails a substantial risk of causing physical or emotional harm to a child or young person. Factors affecting the consequences of child abuse and neglect Not all children exposed to similar experiences of abuse and neglect are affected in the same way.

They have noted several key messages: Brains develop over time and through interaction with the environment. Chronic, toxic stress of the sort experienced by maltreated children, and particularly in the absence of consistent, supportive and interactive relationships with adult caregivers, has been found to have an especially deleterious effect on young children's growing brains NSCDC, ; Exposure to complex and chronic trauma can result in persistent psychological problems.

Sub-Topics in Child Abuse

Mental characteristics of children affected by abuse Practically all kids who suffered violence and disregard had psychological injury , as a result they develop with certain emotional, personality and behavioral peculiarities , negatively influencing their destiny in future. In any case, our expert writers can completely solve your problem. Asian Studies Human Migration Some of them, on the opposite, are too inactive, and can not protect themselves.

The interaction between genes and environment also plays a role in how the brain develops, particularly during the early developmental period NSCDC, ; Consequences of child abuse and neglect Child abuse and neglect can affect all domains of development - physical, psychological, emotional, behavioural, and social - all of which are interrelated. Mental health problems Extensive research has identified a strong relationship between child maltreatment and a range of mental health problems, with post-traumatic stress disorder PTSD often reported Gilbert et al.

Behavioural problems Researchers have found that child abuse and neglect is associated with behaviour problems in childhood and adolescence Ethier et al. Aggression, violence and criminal activity In addition to feeling pain and suffering themselves, children exposed to abuse and neglect are at increased risk of inflicting pain on others and developing aggressive and violent behaviours in adolescence Gilbert et al. Physical health problems Research investigating the effect child abuse and neglect has on overall physical health has largely focused on outcomes in adulthood.

Fatal abuse The most tragic and extreme consequence of child abuse and neglect is abuse that results in death. Research limitations Research investigating the effects of child abuse and neglect is extensive. Conclusion Child abuse and neglect may lead to a wide range of adverse consequences for children and adolescents. References Australian Bureau of Statistics.

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Child Abuse Types to go into a Child Abuse Research Paper

Cook, A. Complex trauma in children and adolescents. Psychiatric Annals , 35 5 , Christoffel, K. Standard definitions for childhood injury research: Excerpts of a conference report. Pediatrics , 89 6 , Cyr, C. Attachment security and disorganization in maltreating and high-risk families: A series of meta-analyses. Development and Psychopathology , 22 , Dubowitz, H. Physical abuse and neglect in children. The Lancet , , Edidin, J. The mental and physical health of homeless youth: A literature review.

Child Psychiatry and Human Development, 43 , English, D. Another look at the effects of child abuse. National Institute of Justice Journal , , Ethier, L. A longitudinal study of the effects of chronic maltreatment on children's behavioral and emotional problems.

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Evans, E. Suicidal phenomena and abuse in adolescents: A review of epidemiological studies. Fergusson, D. Childhood sexual abuse, adolescent sexual behaviors and sexual revictimization. Finkelhor, D.