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The strategies formulated by the HR department are instrumental in achieving these goals and objectives and providing the employees with a direction towards self-growth, development, and organizational growth. The paper analyses the human resource strategies adopted by Dell Computers in the current business scenario and how it has helped the organization in gaining a competitive edge in the industry.

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The paper highlights the various strategies that the company has incorporated in the past few years in response to operating environment triggers to retain its market share and position as a global market leader. The subsequent sections highlight the HR practices adopted by the company in context of company mission statement, organization structure, work culture, training and development, employee growth and motivation, and performance evaluation.

Dell Computers was founded in the year by Michael Dell.

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The company provides computing systems and solutions to customers based on their specific needs and requirements. Over years the company evolved as leading information technology innovator applying its expertise across all levels of industry and businesses. With the turn of the 21st century the company joined the e-business revolution enabling millions of business enterprises across the world to connect and collaborate on business solutions and processes.

The changing business environment and advancing technology has triggered the need for change management and strategic planning to help the business units meet the potential challenges in the work front. Dell is a global player in the IT industry and operates in a dynamic business environment riddled with complexities that pose distinctive challenges to the human resource department.

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Technology has influenced and strengthened communication channels across the globe and organizations are faced with new challenges in the form of multi-cultural workforce and global teams. Human resource management has been driven by the dynamic business environment in which it operates. Employers need to re-engineer their business strategies to meet new challenges posed by the changing business dynamics. Dell has expanded its operations to nearly countries across the globe.

The mission statement of Dell reflects its objectives and purpose that form an integral part of its decision making and strategic planning process. It is imperative that employees identify with the company goals and objectives and effective leadership is displayed in communicating and creating a strong belief in the company objectives among the workforce. In order to induce a strong belief in the company goals, the leaders need to believe in these objectives foremost.

The management and leaders within the organization face the crucial task of developing a shared vision. Organizational structure plays a determining role in influencing the organizational culture and values, establishing communication lines and the extent of employee involvement in the decision making process. The levels of reporting and accountability framework of a company determine the corporate culture and work environment existing within the company. In current business context, entrepreneurs re-engineer business processes to accommodate a flatter organization structure that necessitates free flow of information and knowledge to the workforce.

This ensures increased participation of employees in the decision making process and encourage transparent communication process.

A favorable organizational environment triggers the employees to go that extra mile and use their initiative to improve performance rather than simply achieving set targets. Dell supports a flatter organization structure that promotes participatory style of management and employee empowerment practices.

The non hierarchical organizational structure promotes responsibilities and motivates the employees to put in their best at work resulting in high performing organizations. However, such work culture demands strong commitment and high level of energy from the employees. Employee empowerment is a new approach to management that incorporates employee self development programs to enable their involvement in corporate decision making process.

Employee empowerment allows individuals to get actively involved in the various stages of decision making process that includes identifying problems, analyzing alternative solutions, and recommending the most effective solution to the problem. Performance of the workforce in an organization is directly related to the success of the business venture. The contribution of the employees towards the reputation of the company, quality of products or services delivered and the market share of the business is extremely important.

Performance management systems can be used to reinforce employee behavior towards specific goals and objectives identified by the company. The scope and objectives of defining a performance management system is closely linked to the needs of the business and desired outcome. Many employees within the workforce want to give their best to the work they are allocated and they want to be given a chance to prove their capabilities. The employees also want their performance to assessed in a fair manner and seek adequate rewards and financial compensation in return for the extra efforts placed on the job.

The organization can assist the employees in delivering quality work by providing them with adequate support, resources, and training opportunities. Dell has made distinctive efforts in incorporating effective performance management system across all levels within the organization. The PMS developed for the company provides a comprehensive Human Resource Management strategy that can ensure high levels of motivation and focuses on employee retention plans which is critical in gaining competitive advantage in the market.

The essential elements of this performance management system include personal development plans, appraisals and feedback, training and development workshops, rewards and recognition program that are discussed in the subsequent sections. Another program initiated within Dell Computers is the personal development plans and appraisal systems that helps in addressing the training and developmental needs of each individual. In fact, those are negative images of reckless lifestyle and unattainable beauty. It is somehow like brainwashing that we must to pursue a "certain?

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Firstly what a company need to do is to check for few things that is for example competitor analysis, self-evaluation and situation analysis. Whatever changes the future may bring our vision -- Dell Vision -- will be our guiding Essay about Dell Inc. Evaluation of Mission Statement.

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Opportunities reflect what the organization might seize upon to do better. Dell's mission is to provide the newest technology to create full customer satisfaction, on a cost leadership platform. It not only improves the communication process between the employees and their supervisors but assists in defining specific job objectives, relating personal objectives to the company goals, identifying parameters of performance management, defining how a particular job could have been done better, improving employee performance and work relationships, and most importantly identifying the barriers to better performance, and means to dissolve these barriers. The art of the strategist: 10 essential principles for leading your company to victory. This move brought Jobs back to Apple's management.

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